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Babies Love Books Too! 5 Terrific Books For Your 0-2-Year-Old

Babies may not have perfect focus when they are born, but there is still a lot they can see! They are naturally attracted to high-contrast items, making large black and white patterns very attractive to them. While they may not have adult-perfect colour vision, research shows that by early as 2 weeks, babies can see colour so long as the patterns are relatively large and have enough contrast. What does all this mean for you? It means you can start reading to your baby from day one. Here are 5 marvellous books to help you do just that!


my-first-alphabetMy First Alphabet by Roger Priddy

Our rating: 5/5 gold star

We kick off today’s post with this gem by Roger Priddy. This book is a great way to introduce your baby or toddler to the alphabets. From A through to Z, each letter is introduced with large, colourful illustrations – ranging from an apple to a zebra. There is also a range of textures included in the book, which babies and toddlers alike are sure to love. All in all, a perfect book for learning their ABCs while developing their sense of touch. We recommend this for ages 0 months to 3-years-old!

Where to find it: Sytris Books (Ghana)           Amazon UK             Book Depository


babys-first-touchy-feelyBaby’s Very First Touchy-Feely Book by Stella Baggott

Our rating: 5/5 gold star


Right from the cover, this Usborne book delivers on the touchy-feely promise, with a cut-out portion on each page of the book that features a different texture. The black portions of the bee on the cover have a nice velvety texture, as does the butterfly on the inside. Other textures included are furry, bumpy and squashy. The illustrations are colourful and high-contrast (to draw your baby’s attention). Babies – and toddlers- will love exploring the different textures in this book. On the last pages of the book, each item is featured again but described by colour rather than texture, a good way to introduce colours. We recommend this for ages 0 months to 2-years-old.

Where to find it: Amazon UK                      Book Depository


the-very-hungry-caterpillarThe Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Our rating: 5/5 gold star

This cute story by Eric Carle details a week in the life of a caterpillar as he eats his way through different types of food on his journey to becoming a butterfly. Apart from the various types of food, The Very Hungry Caterpillar also introduces children to counting and the days of the week with very colourful and vivid illustrations. Babies and toddlers will love exploring the finger-sized holes cut through the food to show where the hungry caterpillar has been. We recommend this classic for ages 0 and up!

Where to find it: Sytris Books (Ghana)         Amazon UK            Book Depository



One Ted Falls Out of Bed by Julia Donaldson

Illustration by Anna Currey

Our rating: 4/5 gold star

We really liked this Julia Donaldson book. In this book, we follow Ted on his amazing night-time adventure, and what an adventure it is. From racing with mice to dinner with dolls, Ted has the time of his life until at last, it’s time to go to bed. The illustrations are adorable and the rhyming and counting throughout the book make this book a likely shoo-in for bedtime favourite. We recommend this for 1 to 3 year-olds.

Where to find it: Sytris Books (Ghana)          Amazon UK                   Book Depository



Never Ask A Dinosaur To Dinner by Gareth Edwards & Guy Parker-Rees

Our rating: 5/5 gold star

Never ask a dinosaur to dinner, he just might eat the kitchen table! This is a wonderful rhyming book that takes the reader through the bedtime routine. We learn what to not do with a shark, a beaver, a bison, a tiger and an owl when you’re getting ready for bed. At Midori, we love colour and this book had lots of it from the fabulous illustrations by Guy Parker-Rees. It is a good book for reading aloud especially at bedtime and will definitely make your infant giggle. We especially loved the bedtime advice at the end. We recommend this book for 2 to 6 year-olds.

Where to find it:    Amazon UK                     Book Depository

What other books do/ did you read to your baby? We would love to know! Drop us a comment.

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Why Children Should Read

Reading has many benefits and yet even as adults, it is not an easy habit to maintain. From long, stressful hours at work to the demands of parenting it can become very easy to fall into the habit of going months without actually reading anything for leisure. Sadly, it is almost as easy for children to fall into this pattern too, often associating reading with boredom because of all the text they are required to read for school. In spite of this, it is absolutely essential for children to read and the points below outline some of the reasons why.

  1. It is useful in the classroom: reading at home exposes children to new ideas. This means your child gets to learn new information in a relaxed setting the more they read. Also, reading skills improve with practice. This means the more your child reads, the better they get at it! Finally, reading increases your child’s capacity to learn. This is indeed good news for their academic life because it means they read and learn better in class and also are equipped with all the extra information they learn while reading at home.
  2. It increases their vocabulary: the more your child reads, the more new words they encounter therefore expanding their vocabulary. Reading also teaches children the importance of language, helps them to better master language and develop better communication skills. This helps children to be more articulate and therefore better able to express their ideas.
  3. It helps to develop their imagination: reading paints pictures of other people and places in the mind. This is why book fans often feel let down when their favourite book is made into a movie- the movie often does not match up to their imagination. While reading, your mind creates a picture of what characters and the setting look like, helping you to better identify with the characters and the book. A good book can transport children (and everyone else) to new worlds where really anything is possible, stimulating their imagination. Reading also exercises the brain and has been found to increase cognitive abilities
  4. It strengthens your bond: Reading to your young child is a terrific way to bond with them. When children are younger and have not yet acquired skills to read on their own, snuggling together to read a book is a fantastic way to get closer. It, first of all, gives you time with them away from all the running around that is their day and also teaches them the basics of reading. As children grow older, it is still important to make time to read together. With their acquisition of reading skills, you can make reading even more fun by taking turns to read or each reading as your favourite character in the book. This has the added benefit of drawing your child even further into the book, making reading time an adventure each and every time.

Reading has many other benefits (for everyone) like better writing skills and memory improvement to name a few. Hopefully, the reasons above are enough to get you started on the journey to turning your children into bookworms.

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