Book Busters!


Midori presents Book Busters, a two-hour-long reading club for children and teenagers (7 to 15 years old).

If you live in Accra and are looking for fun ways to get your children to read more, look no further! Book Busters is a book club for children designed to keep them engaged with not just reading but fun, story-related activities too. Run every Saturday, the book club will be a great opportunity for your child to widen his/ her social circle, develop a greater love for reading, and improve their vocabulary and reading skills.

We aim to read at least one book a month, throwing a spotlight on any salient issues raised within the book. There is no need to buy books in advance, as the book of the day is provided on arrival. There will be two sessions each week, one mid-morning and one in the afternoon. Only 10 slots are available per session so be sure to book in advance! Discounts are available if you book for more than one child. Please see the infographic on the right for further details.

For enquiries or to register send an email to



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