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Teen Book of the Month! -Apple and Rain by Sarah Crossan.

Our book for this month is Sarah Crossan’s Apple and Rain. We absolutely loved this book. Grab a copy, let us know what you thought! Meanwhile, here’s our review!

Apple and Rain by Sarah Crossan


Our rating: 5/5 gold star

“You don’t have to fly your sweetheart to Venice to show her you love her. Sometimes you can just buy someone a Toblerone.”Del Holloway, Apple and Rain

In this heartwarming story, Apple’s life-long dream comes true when her mother returns after 11 years away. With her mother’s return, however, she realises that sometimes dreams are better in your imagination than they are in reality. We loved the poems interspersed in this book, inspired by Apple’s substitute teacher, Mr Gaydon. Sarah Crossan cleverly weaves in themes like mental illness with regular teen problems like crushes, the search for independence and social exclusion. Each character, from Apple’s strict grandmother to her flaky mother and quirky sister, is utterly believable. Our favorite character was Del who throughout the book is utterly unapologetically himself, regardless of anyone else’s opinion. Like R. J. Palacio’s Wonder, this is a book that is hard to put down once you start and may send you on a quest for Sarah Crossan’s other highly acclaimed books. We must mention that while this book contains no sex, it does involve a kissing scene between Apple and Del. We recommend this book for ages 12+!

Where to find it:         Sytris Books (Ghana)          Amazon UK               Book Depository

Read this book? Tell us what you thought!


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