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Children’s E-readers, 6 Reasons Why They Are A Fantastic Idea!

If you are a book lover like me, it might be pretty disheartening to see the kind of damage that can happen when kids and books collide. You want your children to read, but is there any way that they can without a resultant loss of (book) lives? Thankfully, the answer is yes! It is entirely possible to get children reading without the accompanying heartbreak from torn pages, wet pages, missing covers and the like. That’s not the only advantage, there are several others.

1. They can access their full library with one click!

Amazing right? Yes, you do lose the sensation of the book beneath your fingers as you turn each page but, isn’t being able to carry all their books with you whenever you leave home an ace compromise? Having all their books available in one place means no longer having to decide what book to take along in case they get bored. A lot of reading apps also have the page-flipping setting which means even if you don’t feel it, you do get to see the pages flip. Revisiting a favourite book is also very easy and you can re-read all your child’s favourites with just a few clicks!

2. They are way more hardy

Like I mentioned earlier, much as I love them, one of the disadvantages of paper books is how easy it is for them to get destroyed. Take your eye off things and it could be shredsville in a matter of minutes. Which is fine, the first or second time but after that doesn’t your heart (and your pocket) break a little each time? The amazing thing about e-readers is if you use apps like the kindle or nook you can access your books from any smart device :). This means in the unlikely event that anything happens to your e-reader your books are all there, ready to read.

3. It is easy to purchase a new book

Let’s face it, there are not a lot of places in Ghana where you can get a wide variety of children’s books to buy. The few available also may not be as close to you as is convenient. E-book readers mean no longer having to make time to drive to the bookstore. You can access a wide array of new books in minutes and save going to the shop for days when you are actually in the neighbourhood.

4. You can look up hard words while reading

No need to search for the dictionary (or fumble through explanations when you know the meaning but you just can’t put words to it)! Apps like the amazon kindle make it easy to look up words while reading. This means you can buy slightly advanced books for your child without worrying that they will be put off by the harder words. As an added bonus you can also increase or decrease the font to a size your child is more comfortable with.

5. Dum-Sor or No, You can Still Read

With the constant power cuts also known as dum sor, an E-reader is a fantastic way to keep the momentum going with your child’s reading. E-readers tend to have longer staying power than regular smartphones which means with a full charge you can get between 2 and 3 days (depending on what other apps you’re using, screen brightness etc.) of reading, dum-sor or not.

6. Free Books 😉

We saved the best for last! With e-readers, it is much easier to take advantage of free books and e-book deals offered by big book retailers. I have found that free books can be an amazing way to discover fantastic new authors you may otherwise never have tried. With sites like BookBub offering great deals for bestselling e-books, it’s a simple matter of entering your email address to find yourself in a whole new world of books. Not just for them (your child) but for Mummy and Daddy too!

That’s it, our top 6 reasons why an e-reader for your child is a terrific idea! This does not mean you should totally rule out paper books, they have their own advantages and you should definitely stock a few, whenever you get the chance. It’s just, why not make life a little easier if you can? 🙂

Watch out for the follow-up to this post What Type Of E-reader Is Best For My Child?


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